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Meet The Other Mother Goose

Anne Stevens is a professional early childhood educator with a love of the dramatic arts. Highly creative and engaging, Anne loves working with young children and helping them to develop and foster their imaginations. Anne has a passion for reading and endeavors to share that passion with young children. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Anne is also known to many as The Other Mother Goose. Nina Smith, the original Mother Goose, who has been sharing fairy tales with children for over ten years in the Low Country, greatly inspired her. Through collaboration with Nina, Anne is currently delighting an extended new audience of young people with fairy tales, songs, rhymes and crafts. Anne has spent the last 13 years in the school system. She received both her Masters in Early Childhood Education and Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education with a Minor in Theater from the College of Charleston.


My two year old daughter loves to listen to The Other Mother Goose tell exciting stories and use her creativity to make the stories come alive using different types of art and play. The Other Mother Goose has a natural rapport with kids and brings a love of the arts to all her activities."

Sarah S


"My five year old son loved the "Royal Tales" camp. He had been to another camp that did not get him excited and we all dreaded going, but The Other Mother Goose really engaged him. He loved getting to sew and make all kinds of fun things to go along with the stories. He came home excited to tell me all he did and looked forward to each day there. I made the decision that I wouldn't waste money on other camps and only enroll in the best."


"The kids have so much fun and don't realize they are also learning. The Other Mother Goose really loves working with little ones and sharing her love of nursery rhymes, stories, arts and crafts and playtime."

Mandi J

Sydney B


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